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How-to Video on Making a DIY Cat Toy Is a Stroke of Genius

There are endless amounts of pet toys out there in the world. Stuffed animals, ropes, lasers. You name it and it most likely exists. But the frustrating part about the toys is how pets can ruin them in no time at all. You spend all that money and it's gone within seconds. That's why we're taking notes from TikTok user @paquito_thecat's playbook. 

This cat owner shared with us that you don't need to spend $30 on a new cat toy. There are plenty of household items you can reuse to keep them engaged. In this example, she brings out an empty egg carton, fills it with treats and closes it back up. She puts it on the ground for her cat and the rest is history. You'll be trying this out immediately after watching this video! 

This is BRILLIANT! She's absolutely right too. Why spend $30 on a toy when you can reuse something you already have in your house? Her cat was engaged for hours, trying to figure out how to get the treats out. Plus, you don't have to use an egg carton. Other TikTokers are saying in the comments that they've used cereal boxes and ice trays before. We need to test this out immediately! 

@Susie Snyder1 wrote, "4????? My cats would disown me, a minimum of 10 or I’ll NEVER hear the end of it!!!" LOL! This is the most accurate thing we've ever heard. If we only put 4 treats in the toy, our pets would walk away from us. They're too smart and know they deserve more! @THE_catlady added, "This is genius! Mine would destroy the carton and make a huge mess but they’d have a great time doing it and they make a huge mess anyway. 😂." That's ok though because we do anything to make our fur besties happy! 

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Even the official TikTok account for the treats this cat owner used commented. @TemptationsCats said, "Smart and sustainable. You’re speaking our language. 😸." Seriously, it's the best of both worlds. It keeps your pet engaged while also reusing material. We'll all be sustainable queens in no time with this trick!

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