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Maltipoo's Adorable Smile Is Enough to Light Up a Room

There are a lot of dog behavioral experts that claim that dogs don't really smile. They say when you see a dog smile, they are actually either performing a submissive fear grin in order to demonstrate harmlessness, or the dog is partaking in a behavior known as capturing. Capturing is when a dog performs a behavior and the human rewards the dog so the dog learns to do this behavior in order to receive praise or a treat. 

Ask any dog owner though, and a lot of them will claim the above isn't true because yes, their dog actually does smile. And looking at super cute little @Olliepopmaltipoo here we tend to agree with his owner. What a pretty smile! 

We love that little closed mouth grin and the accompanying head tilt! Belonging to the "Yes, dogs absolutely smile" school of thought is @Eisha who posts "Whoever said that they don’t smile either hasn’t had a dog or hasn’t seen one smile cause they’re adorable when they do." Indeed! @Snowwhite adds, "Yes they do!! My dog smiles at the park and as soon as I tell her we are going. It’s adorable." @Kelsey is also team dog smile, typing, "Yes! My Pom is always smiling and if he’s not I’m panicked trying to figure out what’s wrong." 

So does your dog smile? Or are you with the experts who claim that dogs aren't capable of what we think of when we think of "smiling?" Whatever the actual truth is, I think we can all agree that this sweet Maltipoo sure does look happy!

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