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Doberman's Emotional Reaction to Sister's Return From College Moves People to Tears

It must be so incredibly difficult for pets when their human siblings head off to college. They're used to seeing them every single day, and then poof! One day, they're just not there anymore, even though their room, clothes, and belongings still are. A Doberman named Ruby was so thrilled when her sister recently came home from school that she couldn't contain her emotions.

The video of Ruby and her sister Alaina was shared on her dad's TikTok channel, @roobydooby_do, and with 1.3 million views and counting, it's obvious that this heartwarming reunion is giving people all the feels.

Can you even? It's almost impossible not to cry right along with this sweet girl. How sweet was it when Ruby looked at her dad like, "I can't believe it! Is she really here?!"

TikTok users are so moved by this pup's happiness over having her sister back home, and plenty of people commented on just how much Ruby loves Alaina. @Debi_Clemens said, "🥰 The love they have for humans is so incredible ❤️." Indeed, it is. @Virginia Jones added that Ruby was probably thinking to herself, "Where did you goooooooooo? I missed you so muuuuuuuuuch!" And @Aneeke Rader added, "And people say that animals don’t have feelings. Right there shows that Ruby does. How sweet." 

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Another user, @Uhhh, added, "I’m sorry, but you can never go back to school ever again 😭❤️." So true! Poor Ruby is going to be devastated when Alaina has to head back to college again. But maybe this time, she'll know that she's only gone temporarily and will come back home to her? For the sake of this precious pup, let's hope so!

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