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Doberman 'Forgets His Blankie' and Maximum Cuteness Ensues

Everyone has different conditions that are easiest for them to fall asleep in. For example, some people like to sleep in a cold room and others like to be burrowed under blankets. One pup prefers the latter, and when he went to bed without his blanket, the situation had to be rectified immediately.

TikTok user @ragnarok.the.dobie recently shared a video of their Doberman, Ragnarok, getting ready to take a nap. In the video, Ragnarok starts to lay down for a snooze until he realizes he's without a very important item: his blankie! Check out the video to see Ragnarok settle in for a nap under the safe protection of his beloved blanket.

OMG, this is just adorable! Ragnarok couldn't bear to go to sleep without his blankie, so he got back up to retrieve it. Once he had his blanket, he was out like a light!

People in the comments think Ragnarok is very smart for doing this all on his own. @larrybousies said, "That is so awesome that the dog knows how to cover himself up in a blanket," and @francodibanco1969 commented, "Super sweet and smart dog. I love it!" This sure is one self-sufficient pup!

Others shared stories of their dogs doing similar things. @janeadams07 commented, "My dachshund would take a blanket and wrap it around his bed! Then he takes another blanket and rolls up in it! I miss him." Another user, @lilbugmae, said, "So cute! My Doberman loves to sleep under the covers too." We don't blame them for wanting to snuggle up under the covers!

It seems like Ragnarok had an excellent nap after he got comfortable under his blanket. He looks so cozy, perhaps we should try sleeping with our heads all the way under the covers too!

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