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Doberman’s Reaction to Hearing the Word ’No’ Is As Pitiful As It Gets

As a parent, sometimes, you have to lay down the law even when your little ones don’t understand, get upset, or throw a fit. But you have to stay strong, otherwise, they’ll walk all over you. Always remember that ’no’ is a real word and they have to learn the meaning of it, no matter how much they don’t want to. That goes for both your little humans and little pets!

Can anyone do what TikTok doggo @zakiyathedobie's dad did? Because we think it would be harder to say 'no' to your four-legged bestie than a kid. LOL! In a recent clip that has over 1.2 million views, this Doberman‘s dad kept saying no. And well, she did not like that! The caption says that ’no’ is her least favorite word. She’s definitely not the only child where that’s the case! Check out her pitiful reaction.

LOL! She looked confused when her dad said no, as if she’s never heard that before! He really didn’t give in, even with her cute little noises. But if we know anything from asking parents, when one parent says no, you go to the other to get the answer you’re looking for. Ha! Been there, done that! 

TikTok users are coming to the defense of this sweet girl. We’re on her side, too! She’s asking so nicely! @Gwen Tipton said, “Don’t u dare tell her no 😂.” How could anyone say no to that sweet face?! @Anchovalina added, “The audacity.” LOL, he’s so rude to do that to her! “Whatever she wants…give it to her!! 😭,” wrote @Gloomy.Artist98.

If he doesn't give in, we'll gladly take her and give her whatever she wants!