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Moment Lost Doberman Realizes She's Back Home Safe With Mom Captured in Emotional Video

TikTok doggo @harleythechocolatedobie's owner had a very stressful day recently. Her poor baby was missing. Ugh, no! She described it as the most traumatic day of her life. We can't even begin to imagine. 

But luckily, this story has a happy ending. After searching all day for her Doberman, the doggo was spotted. The clip captures the moment they're reunited. Grab a tissue because it gets emotional very quickly.  

Wow, we can't stop crying over here. Happy tears of course! We're so, SO glad she was able to find her dog and that they've been reunited. "Nothing worse than losing your dog. So please she's been found," wrote @horseprice5. Seriously, that's a situation no one should ever have to go through. We're beyond happy it all worked out in the end.

"The pain in your voice broke me, so glad you found her!" said @hanslynch_. Right? That shattered our hearts.  The emotions just fly through your screen. @lornadandyanimalart added, "Oh gosh, didn't expect to cry. The relief in your voice!" That's exactly how we would've been too. 

@drugsarewhack commented, "I lost mine once…I had no voice at the end of the day." We're sure that's how it is for everyone. You are running around all day, screaming out your pet's name. But if this video showed us anything, it's that there is hope when you search for a lost dog!


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