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Mom Asks Doberman 'What Does a Kangaroo Do?' and His Response Is Perfect

Dogs are very smart animals, and they will often show off just how smart they can be. Sometimes dogs will learn an unusual trick and happily perform it to prove just to receive praise for how good they are. One TikTok pup learned an unusual trick and loves to show off that he knows it.

TikTok user @siriuslysalem recently posted a video with her Doberman, Salem, answering a very important question for her. In the video, Salem's mom asks him "What does a Kangaroo do?" and he knows exactly how to answer. Check out the video to see what this pup has to say on the subject of these marsupial Australian natives.

OMG, Salem is so smart! Kangaroos jump, so Salem mimicked them in response to his mom's question by bouncing up and down. Amazing work, Salem!

People in the comments couldn't get enough of Salem's bouncing. @_kajci said, "His facial expressions are cracking me up." and @lindyofthemountain commented, "I cannot tell you how much joy this brought to my Monday." This video is definitely the perfect way to bring a little extra joy into your day. In fact, we recommend playing it on a loop!

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Others were very impressed with Salem's intelligence! @makaylakelley895 commented, "What in tarnation, how did you teach him that?" Another user, @alexispearsonmusic, asked, "Wait did you just teach him that today? That’s amazing," and Salem's mom replied, Yes LOL. He was super amped up this morning and I’m off today. So we did some training. He’s ridiculously smart." WOW! We are so impressed with how quickly Salem was able to learn this command!

This was such a cool trick for Salem to learn, we can't wait to see what his mom teaches him next. Maybe he can learn a whole range of animal actions and they can put on a one-dog show!

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