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Doberman Befriends Lonely Golden Retriever at Doggie Daycare in Irresistible Video

It might take us some time to get comfortable with a new friend, and the same goes for dogs! Some pups put their guard up when meeting new friends by barking and marking their territory. On the other hand, there are some dogs who run up to every living creature, hoping for a new pal. In a video shared on Reddit, you can see a Doberman trying his luck at making a new friend while at a doggie daycare. 

The video was shared by Reddit user @Hairy-Win-242 and has about 39.9K likes. A Golden Retriever is seen laying on the floor, very upset about being at the doggy daycare, when a Doberman is then circling around him, even going over top of him. The Golden is unsure what this dog is trying to do, but then the Doberman plops down in the cutest way possible. Check out these new snuggling best friends! 

Aww. You can't help but smile watching this! We love how the Doberman just knew the dog was upset. The Golden Retriever looked confused at first but accepted the kind gesture. Nothing a snuggle can't fix! "Someone's a cuddle bug," wrote @shhalahr. Or this Doberman was just trying to find a pillow as @Shinju said. "More like the Doberman is trying to find the comfiest spot on his golden pillow." Lol!

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Not only did this Doberman plop down and made himself comfortable, he even tried to make the Golden Retriever smile. "Hey look, I know you are sad but look. Look at my belly," commented @Arumin. We'd be laughing if the Doberman did that to us! We hope that good boy got a nice belly scratch after that.

@Swimming_Agent_943 said, "Dogs sleeping against each other is actually a sign of trust. This is pretty cool." Just when we thought this video couldn't be any cuter, they settled in for that nap. Looks like these two are best friends, or at least they will be after this! 

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