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Video of Dog Making It To His 23rd Birthday Is So Moving

One of the cruelest parts of life is the fact that dogs' lives are only a small fraction of the length of human lives. We wish we could have our dogs forever, but most don't live past 13 years. However, this one dog is doing his best to live as long as his owner.

TikTok user @thejoebrown recently shared a video of his dog, Buster, celebrating his birthday. What makes this so amazing is that it's Buster's 23rd birthday, which is 161 in dog years! Check out the video to see this awesome dog still strutting his stuff in his old age.

Wow, this is amazing! This pup has lived much longer than most dogs, and it's very impressive. It is our greatest wish for our dogs to live as long as this pup. We must know his secrets!

People in the comments are very impressed with Buster's age. @kugelontvin1440p said, "23 years would make him the 6th oldest recorded dog in HISTORY and the oldest LIVING dog according to Wikipedia." Another user, @jktwok, commented, "My guy is older than me and moving better too!" Buster doesn't seem a day over 15!

Others are clamoring for Buster's tips and tricks on living a long life. @highnesssss commented, "No way, that’s amazing! Happy birthday! I would love to know your secrets." Another user, @weishaarfam, said, "I need to know about his diet, treats, and lifestyle because I need my dog to live this long." We want to know, too!

Buster must have an amazing family that takes great care of him to live this long. We hope he breaks the record for the oldest dog to ever live!

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