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Dog's Precious Reaction to Spotting His 85-Year-Old Bestie Warms Our Hearts

TikTok user @chum.bucket51 was filming what she thought was going to be a coffee review in the car with her dog, but instead, she captured what might be one of the most precious videos we've ever seen. 

In the video, her dog was sitting in the backseat, as he's done before for her coffee reviews. Although this time, he wasn't paying attention. He was staring at something outside. Your heart will be filled with love once you see why the dog was getting so excited!

O.M.G. We can't handle the cuteness! This dog really has an 85-year-old bestie and it's the sweetest thing we've ever seen. Look at how he hopped up those stairs to say hello to her! @crosswired pointed out, "But he was so smart. Didn't jump or knock into her. So sweet!" Ugh, it just keeps getting better! 

"Stop! We don't deserve animals! This is so beautiful," said @becca2653. Right?! The bond that those two have is really something special. So special that it makes us believe what @lrd18799 wrote, "I bet they knew each other before." Oh, 100%! Somewhere, sometime, in another life, these two were best friends!

And we're so glad this TikToker allows them to hang out! How do we know this? Well, read this exchange between TikTok users. @Elizabeth Guerra678 said, "More of them please!" Yes, a lot more of these two! The creator then responded by saying, "We go on walks together about 3 times per week. I’ll have to start recording more lol." Stop it! That's the cutest thing we've ever heard. We need to be a part of these walks immediately!


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