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Story of Dog Whose Owners Abandoned Him at a Boarding Facility Is Just Heartbreaking

We're still in tears after watching a video shared by TikTok creator @_keke_b. The footage shows Chuffy, the happiest puppy playing with the TikToker at the boarding facility. But there's a catch — the poor little guy who was abandoned by his owners at the facility. And now @_keke_b has to grapple with how to tell the pup that his owners are never coming back. 

The story is almost too horrible to be true, but it sadly it's real. As @_keke_b herself explained in the video, Chuffy was dropped off by his owners "while they went out of town," the video's onscreen caption states. "Chuffy has been with us for 4 months now," it continues. It seems like Chuffy might not be aware of the situation and he seemly had no idea that his owners had left him while he played fetch with @_keke_b. 

"So many tears were made while making this. Chuffy has such a big place in my heart and I hope I can bring him home one day soon," the TikToker wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section were heartbroken. "How could anyone do that to such a sweet soul?!?!? He’s in a better place," @farrahfeather wrote. "How can people do this ? I LITERALLY hate even going to work and leaving my dog home for 8 hours. Poor Baby," @julieclifford0 added. "You don’t tell him. You just take him home and love him the way he supposed to be loved," @thefriendlyasshole suggested. 

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A follow-up video on the TikToker's page shared some happy news. Chuffy was going home with her! "It's been such a hard waiting game but I can see the finish line and I’m so excited to get him home," she wrote. 

Here's to their happy ending.

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