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Dog's Priceless Reaction to Mom Discovering He Pooped in the House Is Epic

Did you ever do something bad as a kid, but you thought you were sneaky enough to get away with it? You would be lounging around at home, thinking you're in the clear, but then all of a sudden, the yelling starts. And immediately, your heart drops. We've all been there, right?! If not, you'll want to watch this poor pup who got caught being naughty because his reaction is spot-on!

TikTok user @dahmer_thedog was just hanging out on the couch enjoying a nice afternoon. All was quiet throughout the house. He really thought he had gotten away with leaving a not-so-pleasant surprise in the basement, but boy did he think wrong. His mom screams, and instantly, he knew it was over for him. His priceless reaction has brought in over 1 million views already! 

LMAO. He knew exactly what the scream was about! He could have tried to play it off like it wasn't him, but his eyes said it all, lol. There was no getting out of it at that point.

"Bro's soul instantly exited stage left😂," commented @SJMARSHAY. HA! "Those eyes tell all LMAO," added @Sammy. Seriously, those eyes are just screaming, 'Oh no, she found it.' Lucky for him, TikTok users are willing to take the blame for this pup, and who wouldn't be?

First the eyes and then he had the audacity to yawn?! One commenter noted, "The yawn of nervousness 😂." LOL. @Shelbie Campbell617 had an idea of what he was probably thinking with that yawn, "Hmm. Well...I'm tired now. Time for a nap." We'd try to find a good hiding spot if we were him before mom comes up the stairs yelling some more.