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Dog's Reaction to Being Adopted After 270 Days Is Precious

There are many dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters all across the country. Because there are so many dogs available, some pups have to wait a long time to find their forever homes. One pup was recently adopted after waiting in the shelter for a long time, and the video of him meeting his new dad is something you don't want to miss.

TikTok user @pacoalleyesonmebcn recently shared a video of her rescue dog, a Pit Bull named Paco. In the video, she shows us the moment Paco found out he would be going home with his dad, and it is so lovely how excited the pup is! Check out the video to see this moment you don't want to miss.

Awwww, this is absolutely precious. We love that Paco immediately knew his dad was there to take him home, and we are so glad Paco is with a loving family now after spending 270 days in the shelter!

People in the comments were getting emotional over this video. @leepeters13 said, "This made me cry my eyes out. He will be the greatest dog you could ever ask for!" Another user, @ginger20222, commented, "My heart just breaks watching all these poor animals with no homes. One more is now being loved, but so many still to go!" We wish we could take home all the pups in that shelter!

Others remarked on how he knew he was being adopted. @carlostucker605 commented, "It's like he knew his dad was there to pick him up!" and @dinalwalton said, "He knew right away! Dogs are such awesome creatures!" The way Paco knew the reason his dad was there speaks to the immediate bond these two developed!

We are so glad Paco is going to be receiving the love and care he deserves. He is going to absolutely spoiled with belly rubs, treats, and head scratches!

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