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Adopted Dog Beams With Joy After Spending Half Her Life in the Shelter

It's so gut-wrenching to think about how many animals are sitting in shelters waiting to be adopted, isn't it? Some are there for weeks, months, and even years, which is just so heartbreaking. An Ohio Humane Society posted an updated on March 1 about a mixed-breed dog who was recently adopted and brought to her forever home after spending more than half her life in the shelter.

Flo spent 467 days in a kennel at the Marion Area Humane Society in Marion, Ohio. Previously, Flo was at a dog pound for 219 days after being found as stray in February of 2020. But the bouncing around and waiting never brought down her spirits. The Humane Society said Flo has always been a staff favorite because of her electric energy and positive attitude. This forced both the staff and Flo to never give up hope! The staff announced the news of Flo's adoption on Facebook, and her beaming smile in the photos is absolutely beautiful.

You can't help but smile when you look at Flo's ear-to-ear grin! Jennifer Chambers wrote on the Humane Society's Facebook post, "467 days... wow!! She is going to be one HAPPY pup!! Happy life Flo!!" Sweet Flo looks happier than happy!

Facebook users aren't the only ones who will be inspired and moved by this news. Teacher Heather Harper added, "I can’t wait to tell our students tomorrow that Flo has been adopted! They get so excited/sad when I show them that the babies they love have found their forever homes." 

Flo is already settled in at her new home, getting some much needed rest and relaxation on a comfy couch. "Our first at home update!" the Humane Society wrote on Facebook. "Her smile means the world to us at the shelter. We’ve got a happy girl on our hands!" 

Congrats, Flo! We wish you many years of happiness in your loving forever home.