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Dog's Reaction to Mom Adopting Him a 'Buddy' Is Just the Best

Having a dog might be one of life's most rewarding experiences, but it only gets better when you add another pet to the equation. It's like giving your fur baby a little sibling! For the adorable family on @kreng.delacreme's TikTok account, the addition of a new furry friend couldn't have gone any better. 

Odin is going to fit right in with his big bro and mama, though we think this Pit Bull has already captured the hearts of his TikTok fans. Ready to see why?

OMG--these boys are just in love with one another! We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and we can't wait for updates from the fur fam. Just like @julietsherally76 wrote, this dog mom has "2 handsome boys now. You're wonderful." Adoption really is the best! 

Not only does Odin get a loving home out of this arrangement, but another pup gets his spot in the shelter now, too. It's just happiness all around! No wonder we're head-over-heels for these Pit brothers. 

"Look how happy they both are," @dougieg1907 noticed. "You are an angel." Those tail wags are giving us life! We love to see happy pets, but nothing beats the precious rescue story that comes along with them. This new life looks like a major upgrade from the shelter!

"I can't wait to do this for my baby," said dog owner @llmultipass. It does seem like a rewarding thing to do, doesn't it? Plus--both you and your pup have a new built-in best friend! When there's so much love to go around, there's no reason not to spread it. If you're able to, of course!

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