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Man Meets Newly-Adopted Dog From the Chinese Meat Trade in Heartwarming Viral Video

Meeting your new best friend can be the most magical experience, but one man got the introduction of a lifetime when he picked up his pup straight from the plane. TikTok user @tianacalx uploaded the sweetest video of her partner and the dog meeting for the first time, and we're still reaching for the tissues!

This hello was oh-so-special for many reasons. Not only did the pup--who they later named Lucy-- travel all the way from China on a plane just to meet her new paw-rents, but she was saved from the dog meat industry in Wuhan, China, too. Welcome to your new life sweet Lucy girl! 

Wow, what a special moment for everyone. Lucy must've been overwhelmed and scared after her long flight, but her humans know that she's safe now. It's only a matter of time before she knows, too! Considering how comfortable she looks in her daddy's arms, it looks like they're off to a great start. 

"This made me cry," @oliviaverlander1 wrote in the comments. "Wish they could all have a loving home 💛💛 my pup is a rescue from Romania and it kills me thinking of all the other dogs." Rescuing a dog is so amazing! Not only do you ensure the safety of your new best friend, but you give the shelter the space and resources to care for another animal too. We'd save all the animals in the world if we could. 

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For Lucy, though--her parents are already spoiling her! 

We're so glad to see that she's already adjusting. Lucy even met her new fur siblings! She's playing, cuddling, and getting so much love--it's what every animal deserves!

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