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Sad Video of Dog 'Not Getting Picked' After Entire Day at Adoption Event Breaks Our Hearts

Gastonia, North Carolina-based animal shelter, known on TikTok as @gcace_rescue, recently held an adoption event with the hopes of more animals would get picked up by forever homes. Although some did, there's one dog, in particular, that had an extremely tough day. 

An adorable doggo named Smoky has been looking for a forever home and family. He had so much hope during the adoption event, as he should. So once you watch this clip and see his face, your heart will shatter into pieces. 

Ugh, our hearts are breaking for Smoky! We just know he's the sweetest baby and anyone would be lucky to have him as a pet. How could anyone walk by this beautiful puppo and not want to bring him home?!

TikTok users are showing their support for Smoky and commenting that they hope the right family will come along. @kimlovesrescuedogs said, "You are absolutely beautiful this breaks my heart it's their loss the right person will choose you 💔." We believe that with all of our hearts! "He is so cute!! I hope he finds his fur-ever home ❤️❤️❤️," wrote @VickVonG. We all hope so! @thesilvascreen added, "Poor baby! I hope he finds his forever home and will be loved and spoiled!!!" Because he deserves nothing less than that!

"I would take everyone if I could. I love those babies," said @russjacobs62. SAME! We can't stand the thought of those animals thinking no one loves them. We love them more than anything and want to take them all home! 


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