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Dog's Touching Response to Meeting New Baby Brother Is Making People Emotional

Parents who are introducing a new baby to the family likely go through a period of worry. Will the other siblings like their sibling, or will the dog get jealous? It's a real concern to think about and navigate, as you want to make sure everyone feels loved. But the first step to making sure there is harmony in the house is the introduction between the new baby, siblings, and, of course, furry friends. 

One TikTok user, @localove723, got especially lucky when it was time for her pup to meet her new little arrival. She shared the sweet interaction in a recent video. In the clip, her dog, Chloe, couldn't wait to come into the room to see what all the fuss was about. Just wait until you see how she reacts upon seeing her new brother, Cody.

This is the cutest thing ever! We've never seen a dog so excited to meet the newest member of the family. She was so sweet with all her kisses, and then she even put her paw on the bed. And please tell us you saw her look at her parents like she was so proud of them! 

"I would say Cody has just met his first best friend, beautiful Chloe xx," said @Hcjc. Without a doubt! Forget love at first sight, this is BFFs at first sight. “Please, mom, can I get as close as possible? I promise to love Cody forever and then some,” wrote @LauraLeigh Groppo. That's exactly what was going through Chloe's mind! "She couldn't control her love… this is so cute!" added @Erin Murray.

We 100% agree with @Annora who noted, "Not even close to having a baby, but I can’t wait for my girl to meet our babies." We think it's safe to say that all new parents hope things go exactly like they did with Chloe and Cody. (Fingers crossed.)