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Dog Is Afraid of 'Things That Don't Make Sense' and We Can't Get Enough

We all have some irrational fears, such as spiders or clowns. Sometimes, what causes our fears is the lack of knowledge or awareness about them. One dog with a lot of fears can totally relate to this phenomenon.

TikTok user @bear.and.jackson recently shared a video of her Rottweiler and Golden Retriever mix, Jackson, encountering new or unusual objects. Jackson's owner says he is sacred of 'things that don't make sense' and his reactions to these objects are totally hilarious. Check out the video to see what Jackson thinks about some some random and 'scary' household objects.

OMG, Jackson is so funny. We hope he finds a way to conquer his fears soon. Balloons can be fun to play with when you aren't running from them, and we want Jackson to always have as much fun as possible. Plus, think about all the morning coffee snuggles he is missing out on because of his mug fear!

People in the comments thought Jackson's reactions were hilarious, especially the coffee mug! @whymood743 said, "The mug was too funny," and @themrsferguson commented, "The mug had me rollin'!! Too funny." At least Jackson's mom won't have to worry about her pup stealing her coffee!

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Others shared the silly things their dogs are afraid of. @made4walkin commented, "My Pit-Weimaraner is afraid of TOWELS. Eye roll." Another user, @santana0887, said, "Mine is afraid of the swings at the park. Terrified. Refuses to even walk past them, especially if someone’s swinging on them!" These are such random items, we wish we could ask the dogs why they're afraid of these objects!

Jackson might be a little bit of a scaredy cat, but he's also super cute so it balances out. Maybe Jackson just needs a little bit of exposure therapy to better understand these crazy objects!

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