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Dog Claims His Own Room After Checking Into Airbnb and We Can't Stop Laughing

Did anyone else run around a vacation home, trying to pick out the best, and biggest, bed when you were little or was it just us? LOL! There's no way it was just us! We bet you've all done that at least once. And especially if you have siblings, there would always be a fight to get the best bed. It's something you're just expected to do as a kid. A dog, well, that's a different story. They normally sleep anywhere, except TikTok user @heykatiecarpenter's dog. 

This TikToker recently booked an Airbnb that was pet friendly. She didn't have to bring the dog bed, but she did anyway. She wanted to make sure her Black Labrador was comfortable in the unfamiliar location. But to her surprise, the bed was not necessary at all. Her dog instead searched for the best bed in the house just like a little kid would do and it has us cracking up!   

LMAO! He didn't care that wasn't his house. He was going to try out every bed to make sure he got what he wanted! And what do you know, it was the top bunk. Every kid's dream! 

@paigeneace693 wrote, "He's like, 'Mom and dad, I want the top bunk and I don’t want to use my bed 😂." Ha! He wasn't going to come off the top bunk for anything. That is clearly his castle now! "He's like, "I call dibs on the top bunk!!' 😂," added @Cherie Honeycutt. He played fair and square and was the first one there. That's house rules! LOL! 

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Can we talk about how cute he looked up there on the top bunk?! He seriously was grinning ear to ear about his spot. He loved it so much! @NE Forbes said, "That tail wag says he’s proud of himself 🐾🤩 ." As he should be! He beat everyone else to what arguably might be the best spot in the house. He deserves it! 

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