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TikTok Video of Dog Chillin' at an Airport Bar Is the Content We're Here For

There is something so painful about being stuck at the airport waiting for your flight. No matter how much you try and kill time, it can really, really drag. One man on TikTok figured out how to hack it, however. He brought his BFF. His dog! Video of the two hanging at an airport bar has now gone viral — and TBH, we're not sure we'll ever travel without our pup ever again. 

According to the video shared by @lilmanlife of Venice, California, he and his Bernedoodle, Benji, were in between adventures when they needed a little break. After all, traveling around the world is hard work! The footage shows the TikToker and Benji at the airport bar, just chilling. "When you're at the just hits different," he wrote in the video's text overlay. We can't get over how cute Benji looks sitting at the table. 

"Amirite?" he asked in the caption. 

The video has since been watched almost 200,000 times and people couldn't stop laughing. "I can't believe the whole restaurant isn't coming up to say hi to him," @zoeandcherie wrote in the comments section. "Better than a screaming kid and at least he’s pregaming the flight," @psmith8758 joked. "He looks like he fits right in!" @geemvar teased. "This is literally the cutest thing ever. I would be that annoying person immediately going up and wanting to pet," @lisamarievalerio89 admitted. 

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This wasn't the only time that @lilmanlife brought Benji to a restaurant. The TikToker also posted the cutest footage of the two of them sharing a bowl of spaghetti while out to dinner one night. 

"That’s amore," the owner wrote in the caption. Yep, sharing your meal with your pup is definitely love!

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