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Video of Dog 'Announcing' Dinner to the Family Cats Is Everything

If you're the oldest sibling in the family, you know it comes with extra responsibilities. That may include cleaning up more, getting the younger siblings ready for bed or even preparing food for the little ones. It's no different for our fur friends. There is always one in a house of many that will take on more of the eldest sibling role. 

TikTok user @pflynn42 showed off the oldest furry sibling and his responsibilities in the house. The creator was preparing food for the cats while the miniature Australian Shepherd was sitting and watching. The dog knew his job was about to begin, rounding up his cat siblings for dinner. And boy, does he do such a great job. You'll be wishing you had him to help around feeding time too! 

Aww! He was so pumped to start his job. We bet he wins employee of the month all the time! "He's herding them like a good boy so they can eat," commented @Chrysanthemum. And he doesn't even care that it's not food for him. Talk about a great and selfless sibling! 

@user6149777038583 asked, "Do the cats come when he alerts them?" The creator responded by saying, "If they aren't in the bedroom already, they run for their lives." LOL! Hungry kitties apparently! 

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And just because we can't get enough of this good boy, here's a view of him when he comes upstairs to alert the cats! 

You can just tell he loves his job! @KrysPhilly said, "It has become a job to him and he takes it very seriously how cute." Well, you know what they say, 'If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

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