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Dog Brings in Abandoned Baby Flying Squirrel Before the Hurricane and What Mom Does Next Is Incredible

Hurricane Ian is already wreaking havoc across the American southeast, but not even severe weather can stop acts of kindness. Whether it's neighbors helping one another storm-proof the house, or just a good samaritan looking out for neighborhood animals, a little generosity goes a long way. Just look at this story! 

TikTok user and Floridian @mamaaacam has been a saving grace for a family of flying squirrels who were left alone before the hurricane, and her followers can't get enough. It all began when her dog found one of the babies in her yard, but the updates will have you in awe.

Great job, Cam! She went above and beyond going out to look for more babies in the yard, and we're so glad she did. She ended up with a total of 3!

"They look sooooo exhausted,! amazingly cute too," wrote commenter @arielrod710. Aren't you relieved that Cam's dog found them? We hope that hero pup got a major treat after helping these flying squirrels out. 

As if they couldn't get any cuter, the babies look so much better in Cam's update video.

Just look at that little face! We're so sorry to hear about the one baby who passed, but it's all thanks to Cam's kindness and dedication that the other two are thriving. She's a hero!

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