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Dachshund Discovers Baby's Stroller 'Has a Spot for Him' and We're Totally Into It

TikTok user @laushealthylife purchased a new baby stroller that made it much easier to take her baby out on a walk. The stroller had all the bells and whistles - pockets, cup holder, visor. Without even realizing it, she found out the stroller had a dog-friendly compartment too. 

Ok so maybe it wasn't intended to be for dogs, but don't tell her Dachshund that. Her pup named Leo found a basket under the stroller and the little fella decided it was all for him, even though it's normally used to hold a baby bag or purse. But after seeing it this way, it will be the only way we'll use a stroller in the future. LOL! 

O.M.G. This is perfect! It totally makes going on a walk so much easier. You don't have to push a stroller and hold a leash. You can just do the one! A win win for everyone! "This is THE cutest thing I have seen today 😂😍," said @SAmmy124. Right?! We wouldn't mind walking for miles if it was with these two cuties! 

"Why else would they put that extra seat?? 🤔 😂," asked @goatballoondecor. LOL! We're wondering the same thing. That's the only reasonable explanation to us! 

@mony9p brought up an unfortunate truth. The comment reads, "He’s going to be so mad when the baby outgrows strollers." Ugh, don't think about that even though it will happen eventually. The only thing they can do is keep the stroller for him anyway. Or better yet, get him his own stroller that's fit for a king! He clearly deserves it!


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