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Black Labrador's Concern Over Baby's 'Tummy Time' Gives Us All the Feels

Dogs can make the most loving family pets, but some breeds are especially well-known for their friendliness and gentle nature. Did Labrador Retrievers come to mind? These pups are oh-so-popular with families and children, and @elvisbatzthelab is here to remind us all why.

This adorable Black Lab's family posted a throwback video of him and his little human brother, and TikTok can't get enough. Elvis was so sweet to Ted, and now Ted is old enough to return the favor!

Elvis is the best big brother! We are in awe of his concern for baby Ted during tummy time--it's just the sweetest thing. It's like this boy knows exactly what's going on and that the baby needs a helping paw! @Alleyoopsy commented, "oh this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen," and we couldn't agree more if we tried.

"This is why Labradors are the #1 one dog in the U.S. for several years now," said @hunter272014. "This made my day. He looks just like my boy." How sweet! We definitely understand the appeal of this breed, and it still never gets old to see them acting so affectionate.

It's just the cherry on top that Ted reciprocates the love! Viewer @kathleencrawford84 gushed, "look how gentle Ted is with Elvis!" They're definitely "BFFs" in the making, and we love every second of it. These bros are just the best!

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