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Dog's Disgusted Reaction to a Banana Makes Us LOL

When it comes to eating fruits and veggies, we're all on our own journeys. Some of us have no problem getting greens in our diet, while others would rather opt for something sweeter, like a banana. For four-legged TikTok star @djangosmiles, though, the opposite has proven true.

As much as the silly boy loves eating most foods, his mom showed his followers what happens when confronted with something he doesn't like: bananas. It's hard to believe that this food-motivated Shepherd dog doesn't drool over this sweet treat, but it's just as hilarious either way. 

LMAO! Just like all of Django's fans, we are absolutely obsessed with his smile. Have you ever seen anything like it? Viewer @lauraholland74 wrote, "that face kills me," but what truly killed us was the string of heart and skull emojis she used to mimic his expressions. You'll have to see for yourself!

Although everyone appreciates this pup's sweet smile, some are also loving his sneaky snacking methods. When @paplcito asked, "what happened to the peanut butter," we couldn't help but chuckle. TBH, it's pretty impressive that this big dog can lick and eat so gently; we thought for sure the banana was going to break! 

All in all, pet parents seem pretty divided on whether bananas are a commonly-loved canine snack. While @barbiegirl4ever said, "my dogs don’t like them, he’s not alone," @bizarrebird had a different story. She wrote, "my dog used to steal bananas out of the fruit tray." LMAO! Now we can't help but wonder if there's anything Django would steal.

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