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Great Dane's Determined Attempt to Squeeze Into a Tiny Dog Bed Has Us in Stitches

Sometimes, we are so tired that we just want to lay down and take a nap on the first comfortable surface we can find, even if it isn't the ideal place to go to sleep. One Great Dane is going viral for doing the same thing, and the video is too good to miss.

TikTok user @kernelthegreat recently shared a video of her Great Dane, Kernel, as he tries to get cozy and take a nap in a dog bed. The only problem is Kernel is definitely too big to squeeze in this bed! Check out he video to see this hilarious video of a big dog versus a tiny bed.

LOL, this is so funny! Kernel wouldn't accept that he couldn't fit in this tiny dog bed, but eventually resigned himself to just laying on top of it. What a silly dog!

People in the comments thought it was so funny how Kernel truly believed he would fit in the bed. @amyjadeandrews said, "He was stretching it out so he fit in perfectly haha," and @martha_hi_12 commented, "He looked so confused why he didn't fit LOL." Kernel's momma always told him he could achieve anything he put his mind to, and he took that to heart!

Others mentioned that dogs generally have a poor perception of their own size. @jessesgirl005 commented, "I read somewhere that, while cats know precisely where they begin and end, dogs have ZERO perception of size." Another user, @julieanne990 said, "Great Danes are just built differently. I love how they also think they fit on your lap." These huge dogs seem to think they're the same size as a tiny lap dog!

We can't stop laughing over this hilarious video. While we admire Kernel's efforts to fit in the small dog bed, we hope he was provided with a more size appropriate bed so he could have maximum comfort!

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