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Dog Won't Stop Begging Unless She Gets 'Proof' of No Food on Counter

For the most part, we try to discourage our dogs from begging for food, though sometimes we feed into the bad habit by giving into the begging. One pup was so desperate for some food that she needed cold hard proof that there wasn't any food to be able to cease her begging, and the video of this moment is too funny.

TikTok user @digitdax recently shared a video of their miniature dachshund, Digit, in search of food. In the video, Digit's dad holds the pup in his arms and shows her the counter to prove that there's no food available for her. Check out the video below to see Digit beg for the food that doesn't exist!

LOL, Digit is too funny! We can totally understand where she's coming from though. Sometimes, when we're hungry, we'll go searching through the refrigerator for food we know isn't there!

People in the comments think Digit managed to find something intriguing on the counter despite her dad's insistence that there is nothing there. @weda2004 said, 'Dachshund: "I do, in fact, see crumbs to eat,"' and @iveeruiz550 commented, 'Doggo says: "Slow down, I can't sniff!"' Digit's dad needs to make sure she is able to thoroughly investigate the counter.

Others mentioned that they have done similar things with their dogs. @b0neitis commented, "This must be a universal dachshund experience," and @shannon_deans said, "It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one having to do this with their dog." We will do some very crazy things for our pups!

Hopefully Digit is able to find something to eat, even if it's not from the counter. No one wants this pup to go hungry, and with the way she is analyzing that counter, she needs some sustenance, stat!

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