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Dog's Dramatic Way of 'Begging' for Pizza Rolls Is So Impossible to Resist

Pizza rolls are a universally beloved snack food. They are fun to eat while giving us that perfect combination of cheese, sauce, and crust that makes classic pizza so delectable. One pup is a member of the pizza roll lovers club, and his way of begging his owners to include him in their snack is amazing.

TikTok user @midwestgolden.leo recently shared a video of their Golden Retriever, Leo, and his reaction to seeing pizza rolls on the snack table. Check out this hilarious video to see how Leo conveyed to his parents that he would like some pizza rolls.

OMG, Leo is quite the ham! The way his nose is sticking straight up and pointed at the pizza rolls shows us his sense of smell is going crazy, and he's not afraid to let us know. 

People in the comments were hoping Leo's parents would indulge him with some of their snack. @julielynn511 said, "Aww, I'd give him the whole plate of 'em...I mean how precious is that," and @napatsanoy commented, "Give him some, bro!" Leo is definitely deserving of some pizza rolls for his adorable face.

Others imaged what Leo might be saying in this moment. @haoleberry commented, '"Just letting you know I’m here."' and @isabelnh85 said, '"Mom and dad, if you don't give me, one I might die." It's so hard not to give them stuff with that face." Leo pulled out all the stops to get his paws on some of those pizza rolls!

We can tell Leo was quite desperate for some pizza rolls. We hope his parents were able to indulge him in a little cheesy goodness for being such a good boy!

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