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Dog's Begging Skills at a Baseball Game Hit a Home Run With Fans

TikTok user @michaelpena2 was out enjoying a nice summer day at a baseball game, which of course means tons of stadium food. Hot dogs, ice cream, french fries and an ice-cold Coca-Cola to wash it all down. We think it's the food that brings so many people to the game. And it's definitely why one puppo stayed!

While this TikToker was feasting on his food, a couple of rows in front was a dog. The dog could smell the food and instantly turned around to see who had the goods. He was probably thinking, "Forget the game, the food is where it's at!" This obviously led to the dog's begging face coming out. It's truly irresistible! Let's hope his begging paid off and he got a little treat! 

The creator experienced what all dog owners go through - never eating in peace. LOL! That's one way to make a new four-legged bestie. And don't you love how this dog didn't care it was a stranger he was begging from?! 

TikTok users are loving this adorable pup and who wouldn't! He'd make the game 10 times better! "I would have had to switch seats and just pet the dog the entire time," said @myvintageaddiction. Us too! @Bubs and Hollie added, "This is absolutely how I would have spent my time at the game. Taking pictures of the pup! 😍." Especially if your team is losing! LOL! 

"I mean, why did they bring him? He's not even WATCHING the game. He could've just watched on TV," joked @Eden Godfroy. That seat could've been for another fan, ha! To be fair, we'd stop watching too if there was food nearby. LOL! Don't worry everyone, the TikToker said the good doggo got the fry he very much deserved!