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'Mean' Little Dog About to Be Put Down Has Incredible Transformation After Being Loved

Animal shelters have a process they go through to test the temperament and behavior of dogs before they allow them to be adopted. Sadly, some dogs don't pass these tests and have to be euthanized. This is why the video posted by TikTok user @dilliut is so remarkable. All this tiny dog needed was some extra patience and time before he totally transformed. 

Watch the following video and see how this dog went from being un-adoptable to a total cuddle bunny. 

It's just so amazing! He couldn't even deal with being touched at first. We just love this story so much! @Lissa posts, "Thank you for giving him a chance." So many people in the comments are begging the poster to keep him, and so many other comments are making so many valid points. @user7490245886752 posts, "People need to realize good fosters are hard to find. If they are able to foster more, more dogs saved. He needs his forever home." @Brendon adds, "To all the people that are saying keep him, this person rehabilitates dogs. They have future broken dogs to help. He will be ok." 

We love fosters who work so hard in teaching animals to trust again. We hope this precious baby finds the most wonderful and caring forever home soon. 

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