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Video of Dog Patiently Waiting for Best Friend to Arrive at 'Camp' Is Way Too Cute

There's no denying it--everything is more fun with a best friend around. Even animals know exactly how it feels to vibe with someone who's the same amount of crazy as you are. You can both be your true selves no matter what kind of mischief you're up to. It's the best! 

The only downside to having a bestie is when they're not around. Just ask this Chocolate Labrador Retriever in @campbowwow_abq's latest viral video! Although the sweet pup is surrounded by lots of other furry friends, they prefer to wait patiently for their favorite playmate--their best friend--to arrive. We can totally relate!

Okay, first of all--this place seems like heaven! Who doesn't love a room full of dogs? It's adorable (and smart!) that Camp Bow Wow has surveillence screens available for everyone to keep an eye on each other, too--especially when you have nosy pups like this one around!

"Dogs watching TV always blows my mind," @colbyrianyakshaw commented on the video. Right? This pup totally knows what they're looking at...and what they're looking for! Just as @sgreene7 wrote, it's like this Lab is saying, "The slide is closed until my friend arrives. There will be no fun until he gets here." A good bestie knows to wait for everyone before letting the good times commence!

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Needless to say, there are several comments like @tracey_frey's: "Please show how he reacts when bestie arrives!" We can only imagine what kind of celebration happens when this Lab is reunited with their pal, but hopefully we won't have to rely on our imagination for much longer. Hey, @campbowwow_abq--updates, please! 

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