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Dog's Priceless Response to Having the Best Walk of Her Life Is Too Good to Miss

What's your pet's favorite activity? Perhaps it's playtime, or when they get to visit their four-legged friends at the dog park. Honestly, it could be napping! For many pups, though, nothing beats going for a walk. The excitement beforehand, the pure bliss during, and the relaxation after are unmatched by anything else. 

Just take it from Charli! This adorable Whippador (that's a Whippet and Labrador Retriever mix...or a house at Hogwarts) had the absolute best time while walking with her dad. The look on her face while cooling down afterward says it all! Let's just say we're so glad this moment was caught on camera and shared on her TikTok account, @charli_puppydog.

We are just living for her smile! Her dad must feel so accomplished when he sees his fur baby happy like she is. We know we would! 

Just like us, hundreds of TikTokers reached out to comment on the video that made them smile. @Arizona.princess loved how Charli was "using the last bit of energy to force a smile for the camera lol 😂🥰, and we totally agree. She looks equally exhausted and blissed-out--it sounds like the makings of the perfect nap to us!

"I've falllen and i cant get up 😂," joked @akuma_langdon. Haha--this video needs to be remixed with that audio immediately!

"Flipped ear, teefs out, white of the eye looking at you….the best!!! 🥰," @n8v_honey gushed. We can't deny that that pup looked like she had a great workout! 

Though several commenters expressed concern that Charli was showing signs of heat exhaustion--including the ones @n8v_honey thought were "the best"-- Charli's dad explained that, "we had just got in from a walk, she'd had a big drink of water and was then cooling down 👍." Panting is definitely to be expected after heavy exercise! We still agree with @alfredpaulb and other viewers that she "had the best time running up that hill." Kate Bush, anyone?