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Video of Dog 'Patiently' Waiting for Her Breakfast to Be Served Is Cracking People Up

It's very common for humans and animals to look forward to mealtime. While humans are able to prepare their own food and eat on their own whims, our pets must wait to be fed. One dog was ready for breakfast a tad bit early, so she sat patiently and eagerly waited for her mom to serve her breakfast.

TikTok user @jencosey recently shared a video of her German Shorthaired Pointer, Stella, sitting by her food bin at six in the morning while fully aware that breakfast time was not for another half an hour. Check out the video to see Stella settle in at her spot next to the food bin and wait to be served!

LOL, Stella is too funny! We can't blame her for wanting her breakfast because we're always hungry as soon as we wake up, too. Maybe Stella's mom needs to adjust breakfast time to be a bit earlier in the morning!

People in the comments thought Stella was too cute. @buccaneersfan.46marisa.t said, "OMG, so cute how she waits patiently. I love her expressions, so serious!" and @tommyowen2020 commented, "If I was there I’d feed her because I’m weak!" She has the cutest puppy dog eyes that would have us feeding her early every day!

Others joked about how Stella patiently waited for food. @disneyprincess8602 commented, "That’s right, she has to supervise to make sure you serve the queen right," and @expertbooksmuggler said, "The day she doesn’t sit there is the day you feed her at 6:31, and she just won’t stand for that!" Stella will patiently wait until the designated breakfast time, but not a moment longer!

Stella is such a funny girl for sitting and waiting for her food. She would never let mom forget to feed her because Stella makes sure to start reminding her half an hour before feeding time!

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