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Neighbor's Dog Breaks Into Woman's House for Cuddles and We're So Here For It

We're sure that when Jazz Thornton (@jazzthornton_) woke up one morning, she didn't expect that she'd be having a snuggle with her neighbor's dog Percy by the end of the day. But low and behold, that's exactly what happened to her. Amazingly, she's documented the whole hilarious incident in a now-viral video on her page. 

The author and mental health advocate looked absolutely tickled while telling the story of what happened to her that day. "I literally just watched as my neighbor's dog jumped the fence and just ran straight up here — hi," she say in the video. "You need to go home!" she tells the pup while laughing. She even titled the video "My neighbor's dog breaking into our house," which is so funny and yep, right on the money. Take a look!

"This dog is too much I can’t. I text his owner and she said I can have him stay for a bit for cuddles," Thornton wrote in the video's caption. 

The comments section didn't blame the pooch for making the trip. "He needs your cuddles and he knows you need cuddles," @plymouthlassmarie49 explained. "You’re learning why so many people have Pitties. They’re lovers, very affectionate. They will stare into your eyes. I love them!" @11dayrad gushed. "The dog petitioned you both for a joint custody arrangement lol," @hockeylucy5 teased. "He’s like 'but I am home' he’s sooo cute," @katiefinn583 kidded. 

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FYI, this wasn't the first time that Percy paid Thornton a visit. In fact, a separate video shows the pup barreling over to her to say hi. 

"A wild Percy has escaped," she joked.

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