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Video of Dog Breaking Up an Actual Cat Fight Makes Us LOL

Sometimes your animals get into it with each other — especially if you have a lot of pets. It's only normal! But video of one dog intervening while his two cat siblings go at it has so many people cracking up online. Looks like big brother had to calm everyone down and break up the fight! Siblings — you can't live with them, you can't live without them. 

TikTok creator @ambrosepets loves her "floofs" (aka, her four cats and two dogs) and usually captures their hilarious antics on her page. But it was in on recent video of her two cats Rosie and Georgie going toe-to-toe that has people talking. "You were just kissing two minutes ago," their owner can be heard saying from off-camera, as Rosie and Georgie went at it. "Hey!" she said. Just when it seemed like these two were never going to stop, their Doodle brother Charlie stepped in and squashed their beef. 

"The referee had to stop the floofy meerkat fight," their owner joked in the caption. 

The comments section couldn't help but laugh. "He said cut it out NOW," @nicholewithan_h wrote. "The most delicate cat fight in history," @mollybeth1986 teased. "I have two cats and a Golden Retriever. We call my Golden the Enforcer. He’s always breaking up the cat fights," @thebelleoftwitch shared. "The dog came in like a frustrated mom after a long day of work," @angelus_dragones teased. 

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Poor Charlie, he must be totally over his siblings' attitude. No one said it was easy to be the big dog in the house!

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