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Woman Gets an Unexpected Surprise After Dog Brings Home a ‘Mystery’ Egg

Dogs love exploring, and sometimes, their sensitive noses lead them to find scraps of food and the occasional unknown item. And when they aren’t quite sure what something is, they might sniff a little before walking away, or they might think it’s a prize to bring home to mom and dad. And, well, this one prize TikTok user @lostmileorganic got from her dog is the last thing you'd expect. 

The creator’s dog was out exploring the woods. So if anything, we’d expect maybe a rock, or a little plant he dug up to be brought home. Instead, this dog brought home a “mystery” egg. When they put the egg up to the light, they could see there was something moving inside, and so they decided to care for it. You can see in the clip, which now has over 2.9 million views, that they use an egg incubator to keep the baby warm. Eventually, it does hatch! Any guesses on what animal is in the egg?! 

Whoa! That is AMAZING! The dog brought home a turkey egg?! We're so happy that this family was able to save the little egg. Plus, it's so cool since we don't know if we've ever seen a baby turkey before. Who knew they were so dang cute?!

“He brought you guys Thanksgiving dinner 😏😅,” joked @April Nicole Griffis. Ha! Don’t worry, this little guy won’t be used for Thanksgiving! The creator said, “It will live a long, spoiled free-range life on our off-grid organic farm! ❤️.” Aww! So maybe this dog’s exploration was a good thing. And he knew it, too. He was even watching over the incubator. @darkwitch_dinosaurmom said, “The dog was like, ‘And this is my baby now mom…’ 😂.” LOL! 

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We know you want more of this turkey so watch this baby at four days old! He's cruising! 

Aww, so cute! We’re here for this Turkey Tok!! 

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