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Dog's Problem Solving to Get Stick in Car Is Internet Gold

Day in and day out, animals are always blowing us away with their tricks and just overall smarts. Is there anything they can't do?! The latest doggo we've been impressed with is named Maverick and we promise that you'll be thoroughly impressed. 

TikTok user @kelpysnothome started filming Maverick as he made his way to the car with a gigantic stick. He was very adamant about keeping the stick even though there was no possible way he could fit it in the car. Or so we thought! Watch as Maverick proves all the doubters wrong! 

LOL! We're honestly so impressed with this doggo. First of all, to find such a large stick is a challenge within itself but he also managed to bring it to the car and IN the car. That's one brilliant doggo they have on their hands! 

"Beauty and brains! Cute boi," said @drizzyd. This fur baby really does have it all! Can he share some for the rest of us?! LOL! @ifyourpettalked wrote, "President Material." For real though, this dog is on track to be the smartest living thing we've ever seen! 

Another TikTok user, @weratedogs, commented, "Thought you were going to have to get a bigger car for a second." HA! Honestly, they might have to with this dog's stick finding skills. He probably wants to keep them all! 


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