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Dog Tries to Bring a Turtle Into the House and Mom's Reaction Is Everything

You can never leave your dog outside for too long without them getting into something. And if you can, you're one of the lucky few. Sometimes dogs will dig through the yard, trying to get out on the other side of the fence. Other dogs might chase down squirrels, rabbits and birds. And if those dogs are good enough to track down another animal, they try bringing them over to you as if it's some sort of prize. 

And it was no different for TikTok user @lawfullycryptic's dog who found something in the backyard. In the video, the creator starts to walk over to her dog who is waiting to go inside. Except, the Great Pyrenees has brought along a friend with her. She found a turtle while outside! Her face, plus this mom's reaction, is absolutely everything! 

LMAO! She wanted to bring in the turtle so badly as if it was a prize to be taken back to her room. Or it looks like she's been trying for days to get the turtle, sneaking it back into the house and finally it's hers! Well, almost...LOL! It's hard not to let her keep the turtle though. How can you say no to that face?! 

"SHE GOT A PET," wrote @etherealsaraellen. LOL, she really did say "finder's keepers!" And she was not about to let her mom take that away from her. @strawberryDNA said what this dog was thinking, "There's nothing in my mouth. Idk what you're talking about." Smooth, very smooth! Something tells us this mom has been through this before because her technique of getting the turtle back was very impressive! 

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We're just so curious about what when through the dog's mind when she found the turtle and why she wanted to bring it home. LOL! "Mya saw him and went, 'Um you're home with me' 😂," commented @Chrissy Brewer157. The turtle didn't even have a choice! 

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