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Woman Gets the Surprise of Her Life After Seeing What Her Dog Buried in the Back Yard

People online could not stop laughing after seeing what one Belgian Shepherd hid in the backyard. Sadly for the pup's mama @imsophieogrady, her dog took off with the treat while she was working from home. So she took it upon herself to get the special object back.

According to the video from TikTok creator Sophie, her dog took the "treasure" and ran for the hills. "My dog buried treasure, let's go see what it is," she wrote in the onscreen caption. 

It was a slice of pizza! "She obviously buried it quite well," Sophie can be heard saying off camera. As the dog mom was digging up the pizza, her poor pup was panicking in the background — probably because she knew she wasn't supposed to hide food in the yard! "Why are you burying pizza?" Sophie says while laughing.

The comments section was cracking up over the dog hiding the food. "It's so it can develop flavor," @bxthstudio joked. "Very good hiding. If momma hadn’t seen it go there ya' would of neva known," @ziggurat106 pointed out. "Never disturb her secret tree again," @sleeve_me_to_it warned. "I want to plant a pimzza tree," @pizzaface89 added, as if reading the dog's mind. 

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Later in the thread, Sophie explained that ultimately "We actually felt so bad and put back another slice," she wrote. "She had it eaten within an hour."

The pup definitely has so many other snacks hidden all over the yard. 

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