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New Talking Dog Button With Hilarious Sound Is Nothing Short of Brilliant

Anyone who's gone through training their dog knows it's not easy. Which is why we really respect the way that one man on TikTok tried to create some comic relief for what can be a difficult process. Thankfully, Steven Speciale (@s_speciale90) shared his funny hack with the internet. 

Steven has been sharing his dog Shelly's training progress frequently on his TikTok page. One of his biggest tools? Dog buttons. For the uniformed, these are buttons where owners can record simple commands and then their dogs can use them to communicate their needs (things like food, walk, water..etc.). Well it appears that Steven got a little creative with what he recorded. And you'll just have to see for yourself what he chose to say instead.

Welp, that's one way to ask for a walk. "Got tired of the bells..." Steven explained in the video's caption.

With over 2 million views, other people weren't afraid to admit the video made them laugh. "Glad I broke my 'no pets with buttons' rule for this one," @baxtorio shared. "Lmao THE ONLY BUTTON I’d get my dogs. I hate those button talking things," @leahdono admitted. "Was thinking about bell training our Frenchie, probs gonna do this instead," @manda_reads_books joked. "I need this button in particular," @boydandmoxie quipped.

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Although @larrycoons332 made a really good point: "I can see that getting old at 2:00 in the morning."

Later on Steven's page, he shared a second command that Shelly knows by heart. Although this one was just a tad sweeter. 

That is one smart pup!

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