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Dog's Sweet 'Words' for Her Fur Sibling Are So Sweet We Can't Stand It

We all wish our dogs could talk. There's so much we want them to understand, and we wish there was some way for them to answer all of our questions. One woman was so determined to have a conversation with her dog that she taught her pup how to 'speak,' and what this dog said about her fur sibling is so sweet!

TikTok user @whataboutbunny recently shared a video of her Sheepadoodle, Bunny, 'talking' to her brother, Otter. This pup talks by using a soundboard with buttons she can press with her paws, and each button has a word or phrase with a distinct meaning that can be strung together to form near-complete sentences. So impressive! Check out the video to see what 'words' Bunny had for Otter.

Aww, Bunny is so sweet! This pup was trained by her owner to associate each button with a certain action or object, so Bunny knew exactly what buttons she was pressing. We love that Bunny was able to show us the bond she has with Otter.

People in the comments were so impressed with with Bunny. @kerry2577 said, "Bunny, you are something special!" and @trigrhappy commented, "Bunny is the very best thing on this app! Otter is pretty cool, too." It's amazing to see dogs learn complex abilities such as this, and it goes to show how smart dogs are!

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Others think Bunny might have ulterior motives to telling Otter she loves him! @sarahxlynn1990 commented, "Okay, but I grew up with siblings. That "I love you friend" has 'playing it cool for Mom until we're alone' written all over it." Another user, @afriendfurlife, asked, "Does Otter have buttons to ask what Bunny is buttering him up for?" Well, Bunny is a very smart pup! She would have no trouble coming up with a plan like this.

We can't wait to see what Bunny has to say next. We'll definitely be tuning in to see if she continues saying nice things to Otter or if Bunny has a different plan in her back pocket!

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