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Video of Dog's Hilariously Rude Way of Asking for Treats Is Going Beyond Viral

Look your dog might be your best friend, but that doesn't mean they always mind their manners. In fact, sometimes they're like one dog, who's gone viral for the impolite way she asked her mama for a treat. Don't worry though, she took her pup's sass in stride. 

Apparently Sapphire (@sapphie_the_pomsky) was really taking advantage of the dog buttons her owners set up for her. But we're willing to bet that her owners are really regretting one button in particular. 

"Sassy Sapphire strikes again," her mama joked in the caption. Yep, you could definitely say that Sapphire giving her mama some shade. And we'd be willing to bet this wasn't the first time.

People in the comments section were cracking up. But sadly for this mama most of them were on Sapphire's side. "I can't stop laughing," @123happylifdhappywife wrote. "Did she STUTTER?! Give her the treat!!" @amywilliamson13 teased. "The fact she says it correctly at the right time is amazing," @kinglitch pointed out. "Why would you even have that as an option. I’m deadddd," @astroudd chimed in. 

But don't worry too much, in a second video on her page, Sapphire used her buttons to land one absolutely perfect joke. 

10/10 joke. No notes! 

We hate to say it, but oops! She did it again!

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