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Mom Creates Typical Daily 'Schedule' for Her Dog and We Can't Stop Laughing

If your dog is anything like ours, they are very particular about their daily habits. Just try serving them their breakfast even a minute late. So we were really cracking up when we saw video from TikTok creator @minidoodlebentley, which pokes fun at the pup's "exhausting" schedule. 

As can be seen in the video on his page, Bentley's schedule is jam-packed. We can barely believe he has any time to take his daily 10 am nap! See the whole thing in the video below. 

The day starts at 6 am, when Bentley has to wake his mama up for breakfast. The location? "Her bed." By 7 am he needs to "bark at the wind," followed by waking up his baby brother so he can "steal his breakfast." Tough life. "Sorry I don’t think I can shift anything," the video's caption jokes. 

The video has since been watched over 640,000 times and the comments section was in stitches. "Yeah ball under couch and whining is definitely not on the schedule enough cause my dog does it at least 10 times a day," @celyy1024 kidded. "Same schedule as my dog, just squeeze in 'ring the bell to go outside' 100x," @alexiasirenita quipped. "The ratio of push ball under couch to whining about it," @user263717648 teased.

Sigh, it's hard to be a dog.

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