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Confused Dog Watches Bears on TV and Thinks They're Actually in the House

Dogs are curious creatures, always wanting to get to the bottom of things. But sometimes, that curiosity is met with confusion. There are certain cases where you can't explain to dogs why things are the way they are. For example, what they see on television is not always real or happening in the same room. That's what happened with a poor German Shepherd named Taz. 

TikTok user @tazhoytandharlow shared a clip of a very confused Taz that has over 1.2 million views. He was watching a TV show with bears walking on the screen. When the bears started to walk off screen, Taz looked around the room wondering what happened. He was confused and didn't know where the bears could have gone. Check out his reaction!     

How cute!! He really wanted to know where the bears went. We wish he could understand he isn't crazy and there were really bears on the screen! "He's like, "Why aren't u guys freaking out? They went in there...I know it.' 😂," commented @Shauna Brooke. You're close Taz, but not exactly...ha! 

"He's looking at you like, 'This ain't no joke we got bears up in here.😂," said @Rosa Mink. "Mom uh, MOM. I think we need to be concerned!" added @Megsamomasaurus. We appreciate his concern! That's a good boy for looking after the whole house.

Sounds like many TikTok users experience this with their dogs watching TV. Some say their dogs look behind the TV for deer while other dogs will run down the hallway barking and searching for the animals from the screen. "Don't ever underestimate the smartness of dogs. Doggo has the right idea. 👏🏼👏🏼," wrote @Rossanna. She's got a point! And one day, they will figure out the meaning behind TVs!