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Dog's Desperate Search for Favorite Stuffed Toy Is Just Precious

We have to admit, it's pretty adorable when our dogs get attached to one toy in particular. Toys help dogs when they are feeling anxious, they are great for mental stimulation and they can curb a dog from feeling bored.. and then acting in destructive ways. Like using your favorite slipper as a chew toy. No one knows why dogs get attached to a certain toy in particular, but many dog owners can tell you their own pup has a baby they sleep with and carry from room to room. 

Just check out the hilarious video TikTok user @Dalihama posted of their adorable French Bulldog looking for their beloved pig toy. It's just too cute for words. 

This type of behavior is familiar to so many dog owners, with @user5215193474840 posting, "My dog has a rubber chicken that she acts like this with. I hide it too. It’s a dog mom thing. Lol." @Dream adds, "My moms dog does this with a her toy. I think they take it as their possession so they don’t want anyone taking it from them." @Monchichi525 posts, "That’s a Frenchie thing. You can have the whole toy collection but they obsess on the one thing in the washer machine." LOL! 

We aren't exactly sure why dogs get so possessive over one particular toy, and the best advice we can give an owner facing this is to buy a backup toy just in case. That way your dog will never be without their special lovey!

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