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Sphynx Cat Makes Biscuits on Giant Great Dane in Hilarious Video

There's something so sweet about animal siblings of different species, especially those that get along. That's the case with the beautiful Great Dane and Sphynx cat posted by @Zander.thegreat

Just watch this beautiful gentle giant get a deep tissue massage from his friend the cat. Or else his cat is making biscuits at the biscuit factory. Either/or this video is just too stinking adorable. 

It's just so sweet and nurturing! The kitty obviously loves her brother and enjoys making biscuits on him. 

We'd like to order two dozen please! That's what Zander thought @Danielalopez6326 meant but in reality she was asking for something else entirely, by posting "No I meant 2 dozen cats & 2 dozen of those dogs!" @Channellingdarkness says, "I want your animals please!!" So many people want these precious pals! Mirandacoopersnubs asks "When can I schedule my massage appointment?" 

Sign us up too! We'd let this cat knead all over us anyday!

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