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Dog Demands for the Cat to Keep Grooming Her in Video We Can't Get Enough Of

Being in a relationship means sharing responsibilities. One might do all the cooking while the other does the dishes. Someone might be in charge of laundry and the other vacuums. It's all about giving and receiving. Although, some might receive a little more than they give and believe it or not, the same goes for animals in relationships too.

TikTok user @simba.sammy captured a moment that perfectly shows one partner of an unexpected duo giving a little more. This relationship is between a cat and dog. Who knew their relationship could be so relatable?! The little pup walked over and plopped himself down next to the cat. At least the cat didn't mind! In fact, the cat welcomed the dog in with a whole bunch of grooming licks. But as soon as the cat stopped, the dog wasn't having it. Watch what he does to demand more. It's priceless!

Aww! This video is both so hilarious and sweet at the same time. Sweet because it was so selfless for the cat to start grooming the dog. We've never seen that before! And then, of course, it's hilarious because the dog didn't want her to stop. Do you think this dog's love language is physical touch? LOL!

"The dog was like...'Who said you're done?' 😂," wrote @amyjovel. The few licks were clearly not enough for this doggo. @itstheceehive added, "He said, 'Hold up wait a minute, you thought you were finished?!?" Why is this so relatable? We bet every relationship has one person who continually asks for backrubs like this dog does. LOL!

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"I want what they have," commented @Michelle Vargas. Right?! They both clearly love each other so much because otherwise this cat wouldn't continue grooming the dog. Now, if only we could have a partner who would do this for us! 

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