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Dog Makes Friends With Cat Sitting in Store Window and People Can't Get Enough

If you're a dog owner, you've probably fallen into a routine of walking the same daily route with your four-legged bestie. And they've most likely gotten used to it too. But every once in a while, it's nice to change it up and see what else is around the neighborhood. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised, see something unique or maybe you'll meet someone new. 

It was a particular store that TikTok user @lauragrayc and her dog stumbled upon one day that changed up their daily walking route. The storefront they walked past had a cat sitting in the window, watching the world go by. Aww, that would make any of us change our walking route! And because this creator's Golden Retriever absolutely LOVES cats, she knew they had to start walking past that store more often. Her dog must've thought the same exact way because from that day on, her dog would lead the way back to that store. She decided to film them walking to the window and let's just say it's everything! 

Stop it!! This must've been love and first sight since they tried giving each other kisses through the window. And we love how her dog knows the way to the window at this point. So cute and so smart! "I'd watch ten seasons of this friendship," wrote @TurkishCatsAndDelights. Right?! This is about to be a love story for the ages that we'll absolutely binge-watch in two days! LOL!

TikTok users are demanding that the creator write that note so these two fur babies can meet each other. @neko47meow said, "Your meeting with the cat is of the highest importance." It truly is the only thing we care about at this point! @turquoiseglance even suggested, "Please do it with a pic of your dog with the cat." Aww, yes! That way the cat owners know how important this meeting is. Until then, we'll be patiently waiting for an update!

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