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Dog Catches a Home Run Ball at a Major League Game in a Million-to-One Shot

A recent video on TikTok is a solid argument why all dogs should be allowed at baseball games. The clip from @cbssports shows one lucky Golden Retriever catching a home run while at a Mets game. And it's safe to say that his owners were probably so happy they brought him.

According to the video, the dog caught the ball way back in the stands. "Ever seen a dog catch a home run ball?" the video's text overlay reads. 

"Look who got the ball!" the announcer can be heard saying from off-screen. "We got a new play toy," he joked. Oh yeah, that baseball now totally belongs to the pup. "Give that pup a contract!" the caption joked.

With over 500,000 views, people online were cheering the pooch on. "He deserves it for being a good doggo!!!" @worldtraveler131313 exclaimed. "That's actually the cutest dog I've seen omg," @dallas042150 added. "Glad to see AirBud hasn't lost his touch in retirement," @zenith041 kidded. "I was just sitting there like a good boy and then a ball came falling from the sky," @swimlessfishyttv teased. 

Sadly, we'll never know where that pup (or the ball!) went after the game. But that was definitely the most exciting catch of the night!

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